Before Daia and VL came together to create Sincerely Daijoubu, we were our own shops before. These are some of the previous product offered on vee-eru's shop.


This dynamic duo, Kyle and Daia, first began their small business back in 2013. They have gained much of their experience through conventions and in-person events that made daiaxroses a crowd favorite. With all their success, Daia was looking to expand her brand and share her art with more people. Daia decided to collaborate with her long time friend/sister VL to create Sincerely Daijoubu.


VL began her journey as a small business owner in 2019. She had her first selling experience in 2007 in Artist Alley, . After a long break, she started designing again during the pandemic. Encouraged by her Creative Director (husbando), Marcus, she was decided to share her art with others, and started her online sticker shop called Sincerely,. Most of her experience was through the online marketplace where she helped her sister, aka daiaxroses, create her second online shop. Her long time friend/sister Daia gave her the opportunity to collaborate on a brand that would combine their love for art called Sincerely Daijoubu.